Alor Pothe Nobojatray (APON) Foundation (literally translated as In the journey towards enlightenment’) is a non-profit, government approved, charitable organisation dedicated towards enlightening and improving the lives of the economically and socially deprived members of the community. At APON (literally translated as ‘warm and friendly’), we aim to provide basic education to child labourers and to create employment opportunities among the underprivileged and disadvantaged sections of the society. In particular, APON seeks to establish an egalitarian society which guarantees basic education, improved health and hygiene to underprivileged children and financial independence and empowerment to their families.

Our Objectives

  •  To provide relief materials and undertake rehabilitation programs for victims of floods, cyclones, earthquakes, storms and other natural disasters.
  •  To set up ‘Satellite Learning Centers’ for providing free basic education to underprivileged children like working, street and slum children with particular emphasis on the provision of education to girls.
  •  To set up ‘Vocational Training Centers’ for providing technical education to underprivileged children and youth.
  •  To provide financial assistance to impoverished with a view to enabling them to undertake small business ventures.
  •  To set up free clinics and health camps for ensuring quality health care among the poverty stricken sections of the community.
  •  To undertake various activities and programs for observing national and international days.
  •  To raise public awareness regarding AIDS/HIV
  •  To provide assistance to victims and survivors of acid burns including taking legal actions against perpetrators of such crimes and to undertake various programs for raising public awareness about such social evils.
  •  To engender discussion on child rights, child malnutrition, child labour and the trafficking of women and children.
  •  To create awareness regarding the protection of the environment.
  •  To facilitate a better understanding of drug abuse in society and to set up rehabilitation centers for providing medical treatment to addicts thereby enabling them to lead a normal healthy life.
  •  To undertakes various activities and programs for improving the standard of living of the elderly and the psychically challenged people.
  •  To raise awareness of basic human rights, especially regarding the rights of children and women and working towards better protection of those rights.


Our mission is to protect, preserve and uphold the basic rights of the underprivileged and socially backward sections of the population with a view to alleviating poverty and eliminating all forms of discrimination from society.


Establishing a society where children are secured, healthy and educated.


Providing basic education facilities and nutritional support to underprivileged children and creating employment opportunities and providing vocational training to the unemployed youth.